Crash Course

The Forex Price Action Crash Course

5 Lessons

About this course

The '5 Day Forex Price Action Mini Course' will teach you to ride winners longer and cut losses faster.

Course Structure

Crash Course

Lesson 1 (Day 1)

The Price Action Promise

How Price Action helps you ride your winners longer and cut your losses faster.

Crash Course

Lesson 2 (Day 2)

Trade Opportunity Spotting

How to find high value Price Action Opportunities without hours of research.

Crash Course

Lesson 3 (Day 3)

Entries -- Repeatable entry trigger for multiple conditions

How to use repeatable entry triggers for multiple market conditions in any pair.

Crash Course

Lesson 4 (Day 4)

Exits & Stops -- one idea letting it ride ‘dynamic profit targets’ 

How to use the right stops and exits to get the maximum profits on each trade --- and ride your trade to your target WITH CONFIDENCE.

Crash Course

Lesson 5 (Day 5)

Scalable Edge

How to scale your winners to squeeze the maximum out of your trading account.