how to create meta tags

A viewport is the visible part of a web page and is smaller for mobile devices than for desktops. It’s the title of your … This is a meta tag that tells search engine crawlers whether they should index a page or not. With the exception of google-site-verification, case is generally not important in meta tags. Contact our Customer Service representative to make an appointment and to answer all your questions! Most meta tags contain a “name” attribute and a “content” attribute. This is not an exclusive list of available meta tags, and you should feel free to use other meta tags … Step 2 – Add a relevant description – meta description tag. Quick meta tag tutorial. Headings help to structure your content better and help both your website visitors and search engines to make sense of your page. A meta description is a meta tag placed in the HTML code that describes the content of a page. These don't impact SEO but there are two important social media meta tags that you need to know about—Twitter cards and open graph tags. Meta tags help the search engines understand, and index your web pages better and can improve your organic search rankings. Create a 50-word (300 character) summary of your page using short sentences. So when you write meta descriptions, you need to optimize them properly to get the best results. Listed below is a definition of each Meta Tag and what to enter into the Free Meta Tag Generator to create your own. Instead, these tags are written on a page’s code. Here is the syntax for a typical alt text tag: Here are some best practices to follow when you write alt text meta tags for SEO. Here is an example of a web page without the viewport meta tag, and the same web page with the viewport meta tag: Tip: If you are browsing this page with a phone or a tablet, you can click on the two links below to see the difference. There are four important values of a robots.txt meta tag: Following are the syntax for robot meta tags: These tags are also placed in the "heads" section of the HTML code. Not using the viewport meta tag will load the page in a way that is not compatible with mobile devices and will negatively affect the user experience. Think like a customer. You create and place a robots.txt file in the top-level directory of your Web server. Make meta tags … Give some specific information and the changes of a hit will increase. But creating a great title is still important. Some tags, like the title and meta description, also help users understand your page's content better and can improve your click rates via the SERP. Follow these tips to write description meta tags for your web pages. HTML meta tags are officially page data tags that lie between the open and closing head tags in the HTML code of a document. Started in 1999 we deliver quality, timely solutions and services at a price that make our clients smile. Write about the main idea of your … Add a custom meta tag to any page by using the options in the “SEO, Custom Meta Tags… The descriptions are the phrases that will appear … With Meta Tags you can edit and experiment with your content then preview how your webpage will look on Google, … Titles with numbers work better, same is true for title tags as well. Open graph tags make that possible. Alt text should describe the image be relevant. See the example below from Moz: Do not write meta descriptions of more than 160 character length and to optimize for mobile, keep it limited to 130 characters. Get more search engine and traffic building tips here It is represented as…, For far too long, people have had this somewhat unrealistic fear of technology. Making meta tags is a precise work. Description (the meta description tag) * Keyword research generates long-tail keyword suggestions for every search term. Add modifiers—such as how-to, tips, buy, find, top, etc.—to your title tag. If you don’t have your personal account yet, fill in the below fields to sign up, enter you login and password to enter your account, Keyword research is one of the fundamental building blocks of search engine optimization; that much is clear even to someone…, Plagiarism is an act of stealing someone’s content or ideas and publishing them as their own. But if we knew the answer, we all wouldn’t be using search engines…. You don't need to know about every meta tag to boost your SEO. Meta tags represent the beginning of most SEO training, for better or for worse. It helps the search engines, like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, understand what your page's content is all about. It is a good practice to include keywords in your header meta tags if they can be inserted naturally. Log in to the Web hosting account provided to you by … If you want to find out whether a given page is using meta tags, just right-click anywhere on the page and select “View Page Source.” A new tab will open in Chrome (in Firefox, it’ll be a pop-up window). Somewhat Important: Many search engines use the meta description tag in their search results. However, a canonical tag is not a directive. Make sure what’s described is what the searcher will get. Keep the length between 50 and 55 characters. Google can read both HTML and XHTML-style meta tags, regardless of the code used on the page. Title tags are added to the "head" section of the HTML in the below sample format: Title tags are probably the most important meta tags as they can have a direct impact on your search rankings. These are specialized meta tags that are used only for Twitter. In our example we use the most simple HTML we can think of: You will have to place the meta tags in the HEAD part of your page.

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